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Sasha McVeigh

From singing in the shopping trolley when she was 2,to singing alloverthe United States, British Country singer/songwriter Sasha McVeigh says music is her life. Born ina small city "a million miles from everywhere" Sasha garnered a love of Country music from her Fatherwho used to "dance me around the living room to CMT when I was just 18 months old." With astrong passion and ear for music she began playing keyboard at age 10 and writing songs in the years that followed: "Songwriting is extremely important to me, I cherish every song I write because each one is so personal; they're like rhyming diary entries." As well as keyboard, Sasha plays acoustic guitar, but you certainly wouldn't be able to tell that she's only been playing for just three years: "I love my Martin, he's called Dean and I couldn't be onstage without him."

In a very short space of time Sasha has already gained a lot of experience and accomplished many goals. Her professional music journey only started in July 2012 when she took a two week trip to Nashville, with a plan to perform just a handful of shows. What resulted was two weeks of solid bookings at venues such as Tootsies World Famous Orchid Lounge, The Rutledge, TheBluebird and various others up and down Broadway. She was asked to come back for two months from October-November of that year, and then again from February-April of 2013, during both trips she performed every day, sometimes doing back-to-back shows: The experience I gained from being in Nashville for such an extended period, and from performing regularly, is priceless. My stage presence, guitar skills, voice and even just how I interact with people is on a whole different level to when I started.Im very thankful to have been given that opportunity, plus I love that city so it was great to get the chance to spend so much time there.

While in Nashville, Sasha recorded her first EP, made up solely of original material: "The whole experience of being in a professional studio was a dream come true and I couldn't be happier with the final product." The album was released (03/16/2013) on Sasha's birthday and is available on iTunes, Amazon and other music sites for download or hard-copy purchase: "The fact my debut album was released on my birthday makes it all the more special and just emphasizes howmuch of a milestone this is for me in my developing career. I'm so excited at the thought of people listening to my music on their way to work or something and hopefully they'll be able to relate to what I'm saying.

2013 was a big year for Sasha as during the summer she embarked on her first tour of the UnitedStates. The tour covered 17 cities, across 13 states and included 36 performances (includingthree of the major Country Music Festivals): "I had a blast going on tour, the whole experience was absolutely incredible! I visited so many wonderful places and performed at such a widevariety of venues - it certainly gave me the confidence to be able to handle anything that's thrown my way." In addition to her shows, Sasha was given the opportunity to be interviewed  and perform on The ChristopherGabriel Program for the radio station WDAY Fargo (in Fargo, North Dakota) which has a worldwide audience: "I loved performing on Christopher Gabriel's radio program. I had never been interviewed on the radio before so that was a real highlight of the tour for me - it wasa lot of fun and Christopher was such a sweetheart!

As well as being played on The Christopher Gabriel Program, music from Sashas debut album has been played on the US radio station 'Coast to Coast AM' as part of their 'Emerging Artists' segment, which has an audience of 3 million listeners, and the response was tremendous: "I had all these emails and messages from people I didn't even know, telling me how much they loved my voice and the songs on the CD, I was overcome with emotions- the way that kind of recognition makes you feel is indescribable!Plus, in recent months, her music has been making an impact on her home-turf, with songs from her album being played on BBC Radio: Its a wonderful feeling to have your music recognised and appreciated by people who live where you call home. Country music isnt very popular in the UK at the moment, so I was extremely honoured to have my music chosen to be played by BBC Introducing, out of the thousands of artists who submit to them. Then, to top it all off I was named artist of the week, its amazing!

The fact thatSasha has been able to make her mark in the industry despite beingfrom the UK and having to competeagainst her US counterparts, is incredible, but can be attributed to her determination, vibrant personality, unique voice and talent as a songwriter. All these qualities led to her recent career highlight, being chosen to perform at The Academy of Country Music Kick-Off Party in Las Vegas, anevent which kicked-offthe Week Vegas Goes Countryleading up to the ACM Awards. Sasha opened the show (followed by Cole Swindell, David Nailand headlined by Hunter Hayes), which took place at the newly opened venue, The LINQ and was the very first artist to ever perform on the mainstage as this was the inaugural event. There arent words to describe how grateful I am to The Academy of Country Music for having me be a part of such a prestigious event. I watch the award show every year and I neverimagined little ole me would get toperform at the event that kicks off the whole award week, let alone Id be the first artist toget to perform at TheLINQ. It truly was a dream-come-trueexperience; the fans were amazing and I just had an awesome!” In addition, owing to the high-profile nature of the event, Sasha was interviewed by numerous television networks and performed for some, including Fox5 KVVU, ABC13 KTNV, CBS and GAC. It was very surreal seeing myself on the television, as if I was having an out-of-body experience or something, but I loved every minute of it.

A lot hasbeen achieved in the short time Sasha has been pursuing a music career professionally and these achievements are the result of persistence and, more importantly,becauseshe is extremely talented. In terms of plans for the rest of2014, Sasha will be going on her first UK tour, albeit on asmall scale due to commitments in the US thissummer which will have her performing at many of the major Country Music Festivals on the main stage. Also, she will be getting back into the recording studio to finish off some newer recordings she began this past February, with aplan to shoot a music videoand release a single in the next couple of months. "These past few years have been part of a journey, a journey that's far from over. There's lots to look forward to for the rest of 2014 and even more to aim for in the future - I can't wait to get started!"