Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas


Words and music by Stephen Amos, Mark Chambers and Rusty Rierson

There's a big old brush pile just about a half mile,
south off the interstate,

That land got cleared by me and John Deere,
and now it's finally time to play,

The whole town's comin' it's Saturday night,
we got hank cranked up and the beer on ice,
girl's in tank tops and cut off jeans,

I've got the matches and the gasoline,

light it up
let 'errip,

You've got to love, love, love a night like this,
flames and sparks the moon shinin' bright,
somebody's heart'll catch fire tonight,

Light it up,

Light it up

Well i've been w aitin and anticipatin',
i'd find a night like this,

I was able to swing a little diamond ring

And i know whose finger it fits,

You're the sweetest thing i've ever seen,
all 4h and the homecoming queen,

My heart's fixin' to turn it loose,

My love's sittin' on a real short fuse,


I guess my question comes as no surprise,

And i can see the answer by the fire in your eyes,


Copyright 2012 Stephen Amos, Mark Chambers, Rusty Rierson

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