Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas

Top Ten Memory

By Dillon Cowing

She was a rich man's child
Grew up in the city
Always down to get wild
And pour a little whiskey
In her 7-Up
mmmm I couldn't get enough

A sister of a friend of a friend
never kissed her
but I can't even pretend
that I don't miss her
and that cabin by the lake
You wanna talk about heartache, try

Two thirty a.m., middle of the summer
We were goin' fishin', getting a little bit drunker
The fish weren't biting so we dove on in
She 'bout froze to death in that moonlight swim
I was falling in love in that little cove
With Wade Bowen playing on the radio
She's a song I'll never forget
Not quite a number one hit
But to me she'll always be
A top 10 memory

We headed into town
about ten o'clock
She let her minnow drown
In that whiskey shot
Ya we closed 'er down
Then we were lakeshore bound

But Sunday came
way too fast
Like a flame in the rain
It just couldn't last
But it left behind embers
'Cuz I still remember


No there ain't nothing I don't remember
Sometimes I wish there was
But that memory always delivers
I know it's because