Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas


By Daniel Christian

She was standing in line at this little café
When I heard her order three banana almond lattes
She said "One is for my ex-lover,
One of them is mine
and another's for the brother
right behind me in line."
Everybody told me since the day that I met her
"This is gonna get worse before it gets better."

She invited me to dinner with her whole family
And I saw it as my very best opportunity
Complimented her mama on her beautiful dress
Her daddy said he liked me
He was surely impressed
But he said:
"Son, I know you think you're gonna get her
But this is gonna get worse before it gets better."

She's the meanest woman that I've ever known
When we're driving in my car,
When we're talking on the phone
Everyday she has a new way
to knock me on the floor
But I can't stop myself from coming back for more

Right about the time I was shopping for a ring
She was pushing me aside for the next good thing
It was a mighty hard lesson I learned that night
I would always be wrong,
She would always be right
Now I'm doing all I can just to try to forget her
But it's gonna get worse before it gets better.

© August 18 2007 Daniel Christian