Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas

I Just Need A Man

By Amanda Williams

Got my hair done today
I'm the latest fashion on display
Check out my nails, passion pink is my color
New dress, lacy secret under there

My kitchen smells nice
Wearing my apron and my heels, so high
It's almost 5 o'clock, house is spick and span
Now I just need a man

Oh where can he be
God send him down here to me
I'm ready to give all that I am
Now I just need a man

I got looks, brains & class
If you get me riled up, I'll show my sass
Got a natural desire to be loved
Now I just need a man

My friends say I'm smart
They know me so well
I'd make a such a good wife
Mother as well

If you see him walk by
Send him my way, I'm in 305
I'll be waiting with my heart in my hand
Now I just need a man

Amanda Williams Copyright 2009