Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas

Crazy Bout My Man

By Angie LeDuc, Kenny Johnston, Kenny Jones & Tim Halfhide aka Left of Center

It started 7 months ago, in front of our town's picture show
We saw each other and he said hello
We'd see each other now and then, the bank, the store, at church, the gym
Is this coincidence I don't think so
I saw him driving down the street, and I knew this was our chance to meet
To find out who this gorgeous man would be
That red light came up quick and fast, I accidently hit the gas
And tore that rear right off his SUV

I ran up to investigate, I wanted to resuscitate
I started mouth to mouth right then and there
He flailed his arms, fought for breath; poor man looked half scared to death
He might have been just fine I didn't care
The cops gave me his information, talk about a celebration
He lives only half a mile from me
I can be there anytime, just to see this man of mine
Beside him is my favorite place to be

I can't imagine, why I'm still single
I'm such a good catch all my friends would say
This little girls, little boy, is playing cute, being coy

I'm sure he's gonna pop the question.....any day
Don't worry he's not on the run, it's just his way of having fun
He's playing hard to get because he can
I'm gonna catch him wait and see, together we will always be
You could say I'm crazy bout my man

When he leaves for work each day, I sneak into his house to play
I make sure that I'm gone when he gets back
But first I lick his silverware and rifle through his underwear
Modesty is something that I lack
My luck ran out and I got caught, it should've been a lesson taught
I don't think that he sees how hard I try
Because of the restraining order, he wants to move south of the border
But I'll love that man until he dies


Ending Tag
In handcuffs on my way to jail, I'll love him from my padded cell
You can say I'm Crazy
You can say I'm Crazy
You can say I'm Crazy 'bout my man

February 2013