Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas
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Stewart Ray

In today’s world good music is not hard to come by, but true, raw passion is. Some would say Stewart Ray has that raw passion for his music and songwriting. Picking up his first guitar when he was 13 years old, Ray wasted no time in starting to write songs, and only after a year of playing. He began a regular gig at a local venue The Little Grill, in Manhattan, Kansas. After several months of playing at The Little Grill, local musician and songwriter invited 14-year-old Stewart to come join a regular open mic night, where Stewart spent several long school nights singing to small crowds just practicing his craft. After another several months of continuing to play both The Little Grill and the local open mic nights. Local songwriter and musician Jared Daniels, of the Jared Daniels Band, asked Stewart to come out and start opening shows and playing on the road with them. Stewart continued this all the way through high school playing with the Jared Daniels Band and other local bands and musicians honing his chops and making a name for himself. At age 16 he released his first studio EP “Honky Tonk Legend” and age 18 his EP “Songs About You”. Now 21-years-old and ready to burn down the highway, Stewart’s new full studio album “Out Here” is sure to let you see what Stewart’s all about. From deep bluesy songs like “Burned Pictures” to funky alt. country “Queen of the Band Groupies” this album will definitely knock your socks off!