Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas

Bend Em

By Angie LeDuc Left of Center Band

Been trying so hard to figure out
Just where to go from here
Got a big old truck packed up tight
Gonna get myself in gear
It’s a long drive from here to Alabama
Gonna take the back roads home
While Listening to some good old country
This girls’ gonna roam

Better watch out when I hit the border
Crossing Over that state line
I’m ready to hit the town real hard
Don’t give me no stop sign

Gonna park my truck, grab a shot
Don’t even care what they put in
I didn’t come to break no rules
But you bet I’m gonna bend em

Not worried about where to stay tonight
I’m sure my back seat will do
I’ll drive until the tank is gone
And then I’ll have a drink or two
I’ll stand on the bar and sing real loud
Karaoke it up until dawn
Go behind the bar, pass out a round
Until all, the beer, is gone

Repeat Chorus

I can have fun anywhere I am and with anyone I please
I’ll live it up, aint gonna slow it down, that girl just ain’t me

Repeat Chorus

Angie LeDuc Left of Center Band copyright 2013