Room with a View

Ken Matthiesen

(Verse 1)
Staring at the red light on the smoke detector flashing in the hall
Memories start to look like out of focus pictures on the wall
Where I am, who gives a damn, thank God the hotel's name is on the key
Town after town and somewhere bound, but they’re lonesome miles to me

(Pre Chorus)
A thousand times a day I swear I think of you

I know my rambling singer's life has been hard on you too

Every night when these four walls come crashing in

Before these feelings bury me, the last thing I do
Is put your picture on the dresser by my bed, so at least I have…
A room with a view

(Verse 2)
Wide awake I lay in the dark, try to force myself to sleep
I start counting empty liquor bottles instead of counting sheep
I close my eyes, and say a prayer, pull King James from the drawer
And hope the words of Jesus can remind me who I’m doing all this for

(Pre Chorus)
A thousand times a day I swear I think of you
Wish I could find a way to touch you, cause a phone call just won’t do

(Repeat Chorus)

G A I love this life of spot lights and smoke
D GI leave it all on that stage at every show
G A G A But everybody knows I left my heart back home

(repeat Chorus)
and oooooh what a view