Tuttle Creek State Park - Manhattan Kansas

Country’s What You Got

By Dustin Sharp County Road 5

Grab them rattle cans, lets camo up my truck
Take it out in the woods and maybe get it stuck
Climb through the slider, out into the bed
Get lost in a sleeping bag and a bottle of Barefoot Red
We’ll stay there all night long, out in the moonlight, getting it on

Out in the country, this is how we roll
The sun comes up and that rooster crows
Pink flamingo in my front yard
Bel-Aire up on blocks and a tractor in the barn
The simple life is what we love
You want country baby, well county’s what you got

Big John Deere rollin through the field
Engine poppin, pullin up that yield
Hot summer making you sweat
Castin a show on that sexy silhouette
Down on the farm the work is never done
So lets take a break and have a little fun

(repeat Chorus)
(repeat Chorus)
Well, country’s what you got

Dustin Sharp County Road 5 copyright 2013